Get up to 30% OFF Business Plans
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Get up to 30% OFF Business Plans
Promo Code: SAVE30DEAL

AI Training Video GEnerator

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Easily Create Engaging Videos at Scale

Produce high-quality videos without the need for professional videographers or expensive equipment.

Higher Engagement
Create customized videos and boost audience engagement.
Enhanced Communication
Create engaging multilingual videos for a global audience with localized content.
Cost & Time Efficiency
Automate video creations by eliminating physical sets, actors, and production crews.
Unlimited Growth
Scale video production effortlessly, ensuring consistent branding.

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AI Training Video GEnerator

Create Professional AI Training Videos in Minutes

Easily turn any text into a high-quality presenter led video without editing or design skills

The easiest-to-use AI Video Platform

Trusted by Learning & Development teams scaling their video content

Scale your video productions without breaking the bank

Save time and money by effortlessly creating videos featuring hyper-realistic AI presenters, using an easy-to-use, plug-and-play interface.

Personally branded templates
featuring diverse virtual humans

The different layouts of each video template make it easy to add a personal touch — while making it feel like a professionally branded video with a wide range of diverse virtual humans.

Create videos in multiple languages — in a single click.

Are language barriers preventing you from creating international content?
Not anymore! Our built-in translation and local avatars will make your global content feel authentic.

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